Different Views

Choose between a daily and weekly view of all your habits, in order to keep better track of them. Each view has its benefits and supports forming a habit in a different way.

Enjoy Details

Each habit you want to form has its own detailed page. On the detailed page you can get information such as, the percentage of will power you currently need to perform you habit, how long it already takes, or will take you to form the habit, and also, how often you have missed to perform you habit.

Create Habits

A simple user interface allows you to create 2 different types of habits: A daily and/or a weekly habit. Choose from a variety of additional features, such as categories, reminders or set certain days for you weekly events in order to plan and optimize your week more efficiently.

Add Comments

In order to keep track of what you have done for a certain task every day, you have the option to add comments to your habits. You could i.e. write down what news paper article you have read today, or what exercises you did in the gym.

Reach Your Goals

It is scientifically proven that it takes 6 weeks of regularly performing an action in order to turn it into a habit. Depending on the type of habit you created and the amount of will power you invest in it, you eventually will be able to form a new habit or break with an old bad habit.

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